10 Mental Exercises for a Healthy Mind

Mental Exercises

Just like any other muscle in our body, our brain needs to exercise to stay in shape. And just like physical activity, mental activity is something we tend to avoid, especially later in life, during the retirement years.

“Keep exercising at any age,” doctors tell us. The level of exercise has to fit the physical condition of the person, but every movement has its benefits. When people have been working for many years, challenging their brains on a daily basis and then suddenly stop, the brain tends to go into a destructive mode when connections not used die out and new ones are not born.

Doctors also tell us that exercising our brains is good at any age and is considered to best defense we have, at the moment, against dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.Here are 10 mental exercises for a healthy mind:

  • Learn something new. Develop a new skill. Don’t let technology pass you by. One of the things you can learn is how to operate a smartphone or how to work with computers. Another thing to keep your mind sharp is to learn a new language. It might take longer than it did when we were young, but remember – your brain has to build new connections. At this stage of the game it needs to plow the groove over and over again for the groove to stick.
  • Solve crossword puzzles. It forces your mind to activate many parts of the brain. This is something that can easily be done on a daily basis.Use math. If you are not a word person and you like numbers, solve a Sudoku or any other math puzzles.
  • Play Scrabble or Words with Friends (the online version of the social game). You not only come up with new words and have to search your brain for word combinations; the social aspect of these games will give rewarding benefits as well.
  • Reads books that make you think. Subjects that you have never read about before are great. Other culture, philosophy, poetry or a simple detective story, they all keep your mind interested and thinking.
  • Go online! There is a wealth of information and new topics to learn about online.  There are also many websites that are dedicated to different mental exercises.
  • Challenge yourself to memorize a list from time to time.
  • Interact with people. Social interaction is another way to stimulate multiple connections in the brain. Play social games like Bridge or Chess.
  • Walking and listening to a book is a great mental and physical exercise. You can do them both at the same time and when you’re interested in the book you will pay less attention to the distance you walk.Find humor in things. Find ways to laugh and share laughter. George Burns, Bob Hope, and Betty White – need I say more? Laughter is the best elixir.

Mental exercises for a healthy mind are not only beneficial but also fun to do. And if these activities can prevent, or delay, mental decline, more power to them!

5 Methods of Oxygen Facial Treatments

oxygen facial treatments

The devices and creams that use the chemical element to make the skin more luminous and youthful.

Loved and promoted by celebrities such as Madonna, the treatments to restore light and tone to your face today by using the properties of oxygen: it stimulates the microcirculation locally, thanks to blood oxygenation, and makes the skin brighter and clearer. It is not enough to smooth out wrinkles, of course, but it has an anti-aging effect by improving the complexion.

With aging there is a slowing of circulation. The result is that the skin looks lifeless and ruined by decrease in the presence of oxygen which exchanges between the cells and in the deepest part of the epidermal surface. The practice confirms that oxygen has a positive effect on the skin, even if there are no scientific studies that explain exactly what this effect is. Also don’t know the long term consequences, but do not forget that oxygen is primarily responsible for cellular aging (oxygenation).

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

These microinjections, made ​​with a 4 mm needle, a mixture of oxygen (O2) and ozone (O3). Revitalize the face, making the tissues more rosy, clear and flexible, thanks to the stimulation of local microcirculation, which in turn facilitates the production of collagen. It can be done by your doctor and each cycle includes 4-5 sessions at 7-15 days apart. You can do one or two cycles per year, each cost 400-650 US Dollars or around 300-500 Euros.

Hyperbaric Oxygen

A machine sprays pure oxygen on the face, together with a serum-based hyaluronic acid and vitamins. The oxygen penetrates into the dermis for compressing, transmitting the active ingredients of the serum in the skin. This treatment can be found in the beauty center, it costs 200-250 US Dollars or 150-200 Euros per session. Five sessions are recommended at a distance of 7-10 days.

Creams and Masks

The creams that contain oxygen lighten the skin and stimulate the cell turnover. Oxygen is carried by the active ingredients such as fluorochemicals, penetrate into the dermis and improve the microcirculation. Immediate effects are achieved by masks, to be applied for 20 minutes: Your face results more bright.

Oxygen Shower

A blast of pure oxygen is shot at close range on the face. By compression, oxygen enters into the dermis, even if a small part and the superficial level. The effects last for so little, about a week. It can be found at the beauty center and costs 40-65 US dollars or about 30-50 Euros per session.

Hyperbaric Room

The equipment used for decompression for scuba divers or for other conditions that have a positive effect on the skin. Pure oxygen is inhaled in a situation of pressure changes, at inside of a sealed chamber.

The hyperbaric treatment is used to accelerate the healing process, to speed up the recovery of fractures, to purify the body in case of carbon monoxide poisoning. The improvement of the epidermis is therefore a secondary effect, related to the increase of oxygen in the blood.Information!  Some celebrities would be subject to the hyperbaric chamber to counteract wrinkles, but it is not widespread, partly because it is a medical procedure subject to strict protocols.

The oxygen facial treatments offer several benefits for aging skin, sufferers of adult acne, or just to de-stress and restore skin to a healthier physical state.

No Motivation To Go On Diet?

obese motivation

Many people have no motivation to diet and soon fall off their dietary bandwagon. This is normal because most people do not plan or do not give time to how they are feeling and how to prepare themselves mentally for the lifestyle changes that have to take place for weight loss success.

The first thing you have to do in order to motivate yourself and prepare yourself for losing weight is to start by writing down your goals and wants. Get a new journal or type it up on the computer, what you want to achieve. Writing it down and setting a deadline will not only show to you how important losing weight is, but will also give you some direction. Once you have it written down it becomes more formal and you become more committed straight away.

Once you have done this it is a good idea to start making a plan to achieve these goals. Planning may seem a little tedious but without a plan, one can easily lose motivation to continue in a particular way, especially because without a plan many people fail to see any results from their efforts.

Now you can try writing a diet menu plan now and it switch strictly over but this won’t be successful long term.  The best way to tackle the plan is to make things easy on yourself.  Look at your current diet, make small changes and then incorporate healthy behaviors in.  This gives you big results without having to radically change your lifestyle.

So spend a good few days in observation. Write down everything you eat and drink.  It is also worth noting how you feel beforehand so you can see if emotional eating accounts for any of your overeating and what are your triggers. Once you have done this you will have a clear indication of things you can change straight away and areas that need improvement.

Don’t over complicate things – just cut out what you can and add in more fruits and vegetables. Make a commitment to only drink water and cut out sodas and juices (unless freshly squeezed by your hands). Make a commitment to eat 2-3 pieces of fruit each day and to mix raw vegetables/salad into your main meal. You can choose to make one new commitment each month until you are satisfied with your weight loss and your lifestyle. Tweak as much as you want and as much as you are willing to.

Small changes will keep you motivated, but to add some more help in take a before picture. Taking a before photo and then retaking another 6 weeks down the line will reveal more to you than the scales.  You can see your shape changing before you very eyes and this will motivate you to keep going to see more and more results.

This article has described some great tips to get you on your weight loss journey on the right foot, but it is up to you how you ultimately tackle it. What is key though is proving to your mind that you are serious and the best way to do this is to make a plan and a plan you can easily stick to and incorporate into your hectic life.

If you find making a plan difficult, there are many resources available to you to create a healthy weight loss diet.  This site has many reviews and articles to help you do just that.

The Benefits of Professional Acne Treatment Programs

acneAcne has a wide range of treatments and is a common problem for both teenagers and adults. It’s likely that everyone you know has or has had a problem with acne, so take heart because you aren’t alone. Many people have found ways to cure and prevent their acne and you can do the same.


Acne can affect dry, oily and normal skin types. It is caused by bacterial growth in your skins’ pores and can be further developed by hormonal imbalances, environmental irritants, certain medications, and your diet.

There are many over-the-counter and prescription acne treatments available. New procedures are also becoming popular for effectively treating acne.

Over-The-Counter Treatments

Depending on the severity and cause of your acne, you may be able to find a solution easily and inexpensively. Different kinds of over-the-counter treatments include astringent cleansers, creams, special soaps, pore strips, and assorted combinations of botanical oils.

It usually isn’t recommended to use a variety of products at the same time. Try one acne treatment for a few weeks and see if it works for you. Stop using the product if you have unsatisfactory results. Allow a couple of days for your skin to return to normal before trying a different kind of over the counter product.

This method of treating your acne can be tedious and ineffective. Visiting a professional will give you more information about your specific case of acne and access to stronger acne medications.

Prescription Treatments

Your doctor or dermatologist will be better equipped to diagnose the specific cause of your acne. They may be able to recommend the right over-the-counter product for your acne or may recommend a prescription acne treatment. Prescription products that treat acne include oral and topical antibiotics, oral and topical retinoids, and extra-strength benzoyl peroxide creams.

Skin Procedures

Recent technologies are becoming more common in the treatment of acne. Many of these skin therapies are used for multiple skin conditions in addition to acne. Microderm abrasion, chemical peels, laser therapy, and infrared light therapy are just a few of the procedures being used for acne prevention and treatment.


If you have severe acne or if nothing you are trying is working it may be time to seek the advice of professional specialists. Your doctor may even refer you to a specialized acne clinic to treat your skin.

To find a clinic without enlisting the help of your doctor, you might try turning to one of the social media websites that you use every day. Many acne clinics have pages on social media sites. This allows you to both find a clinic and see who uses their services. The pictures displayed on social media sites will allow you to see how well the treatments at the clinic work on real people, maybe even people you know. Many acne clinics also offer free consultations.

Between over-the-counter and prescription medications and all of the procedures offered to treat your skin, you should be able to find a method that works for you. In the end, you will probably find that seeking professional advice is less costly and tedious than trying to find an over the counter method on your own through trial and error.

Which Types of Tea Have the Most Health Benefits?

tea typesThere are a number of teas on the market and it can be easy to wonder which will offer the most health benefits. The fact is there are several teas that are loaded with health benefits. In truth most teas offer at least one benefit due to antioxidants. However, there are five teas that stick out more than others. These are the teas that you should opt for when you’re more concerned about health than flavor.

Green Tea

Green tea has been praised for years for its weight loss benefits. However, green tea offers many more benefits. First of all, green tea is high in antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer, heart disease and aging. While there are green tea supplements on the market, it is recommended to drink you tea for the best health benefits.

Black Tea

While black tea has more caffeine than green tea, it does offer several health benefits. First of all, black tea can also help you fight against cancer and heart disease. Black tea can also help prevent diabetes. While this is also true of green and oolong varieties, studies have shown that black tea is more effective.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is rather new to America, and the rest of the world, but has been consumed in China for almost 400 years. Oolong offers many benefits. In fact, some claim it’s the healthiest tea you can drink. With the ability to lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, oolong tea has become very popular. Oolong tea can also help fight against heart disease and can also help you lose weight.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is another tea that people claim to be the healthiest. While most people think of chamomile tea as a sleep aid, there are many other benefits. Chamomile tea can also help with anxiety, stress, muscle twitches, and stomach and skin problems. This tea has also been known to help scrapes and burns on the skin as well as dark eye circles. It can even be used to treat migraine headaches.

Hibiscus Tea

Last, but not least, hibiscus tea is another tea that is touted for its health benefits. Hibiscus tea can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol and aid in weight loss. While it may not be as healthy as the teas listed above, it is still worth looking into.

If you want to reap the benefits of any of these teas, it’s important to first speak with your doctor, especially if you have any health conditions or are taking any medications.

The Benefits of an Organic Diet

organic dietWith all things convenient these days, preparing and cooking food is one of the things that people tend to make it quick as much as possible. People would end up eating the wrong food such as fast food and microwaveable.

They also tend to choose the food that is easy to prepare. Because with all the things that we need to deal with these days such as work, studies, kids and errands, we often feel that we can get away with subpar food.

Yet this type of lifestyle takes a toll on people, leaving them with diseases, unhealthy bodies and stressful minds. People end up anxious, unhappy and resort to other things that make them unhappier! However, there are solutions to this dilemma and one of these is the decision to live a healthy lifestyle. In living a healthier life, go on an organic diet.

Having an organic diet can totally change your body because you are eating without the pesticides that go with it. Here are more benefits found in an organic diet:

Organic food has more nutrients than non-organic food. In 2003, a study in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that berries and corn grown organically had 58 percent more polyphenols. These are compounds that give fruits and vegetables disease-fighting benefits.

This study was then supported in 2007 at the Newcastle University in United Kingdom that organic food has 40 percent higher levels of nutrients which include Vitamin C, zinc and iron. This alone is enough reason to choose organic food over non-organic.

Pesticides cause health problems, without this, there are no health risks to worry about. People are wary about the chemicals that non-organic food provides their body. Thanks to organic food, we no longer have to worry about it since the process of organic grows crops and plants without the pesticides.

Eating organic food is also supporting the clean environment campaigns. Air and water are saved from not using the chemicals in the plants being grown organically. This makes it friendly to the environment. The process of organic gardening also includes soil being cultivated before planting so aside from air and water being saved, the soil is being taken cared of too.

Since planting organic food doesn’t include the chemicals that farmers put, it actually tastes better. No chemicals, no pesticides, thus the organic food tastes natural and fresh which is definitely better!

Eating organic food is like connecting with nature. Having an organic diet is like connecting with nature because you are eating something being grown naturally and effectually.

With all the benefits that organic diet offers, there are still people who are not quite convinced as to why they need to shift. If you are one of those people, you can go on with non-organic food, but better watch out for these eight genetically-engineered foods from the market to make sure that your body is free from unnecessary chemicals:

  • Tomatoes
  • Soybeans
  • Corn
  • Canola
  • Sugar Beets
  • Golden Rice
  • Pig Products
  • Apples

Tips Lose Weight 5kg In The Week

weight lossWe’re actively dieting, often times you wanted to lose weight to get stuck in an unhealthy dietary pattern. Besides damaging the body, it can actually increase body weight more than the previous.

When in that condition, you must have a trick to it by you. That is, changing diets and lifestyles, and reduce some food. Not to forget, to add some sports movement in everyday life.

Here are some useful tips to lose weight as much as five pounds in a week. As quoted from BirthOrderPlus.

Drinking water before meals

Each wanted to eat, drink first 400 ml of water.

In addition to helping lose weight, it also will make you eat less. So encourage you to continue to meet the need of water in your daily.

Food consumption was less than the calories you burn.

This theory really work if you want to lose weight quickly. Based on PhenQ & Golias research calories burned even when we sleep.

Burn more calories by increasing activity and reducing calorie intake of food. With only 500 calories per day to reduce, then the result will be seen with ease.

Increase the fiber

Add whole grains, raw vegetables, cooked vegetables, fruits, cereals, pasta wheat, and beans in your diet. The first time maybe you’ll feel bloated but it will decrease each day, also increase the intake of drinking water to help digest fiber effectively.

Reduce sugary foods

This means do not add sugar to coffee or tea, or even a sweet snack away from your presence. Also reduce carbohydrates in your diet. Be sure to choose between low fat and fat free milk and yogurt in your product.

Consider eating

Every meal, notice how much that goes into your mouth. For a while, avoid eating in restaurants. Because the restaurant usually served three times as many servings of food home. Reduce fried foods as well.


If you feel you do not have much time to exercise, try to go up and down stairs each to the work space, or go play further into the office lobby. Or do fun activities like bowling, dance, or golf. Every movement you make very calculated.


By the time you start a diet, be sure to keep the consistency. Remember, your struggle will pay off and not just a futile act. A focus on positive changes in your body. And give yourself credit for every day to continue to push yourself to stay motivated.

The Push Pull Workout

woman lifting weights strengthIf you have newly joined a gym then you might very well feel a little like a fish out of water. In fact you might well be frankly terrified to step into the gym where you can feel the eyes of the huge bodybuilders and model-like women on the back of your neck and where you feel like an Antelope walking into a pride of lions.

Part of what can make this all so intimidating is the fact that we often don’t know what we’re doing when we first start. This has other disadvantages too, causing us to waste time when we could be getting into good shape more quickly, and even potentially leading to injury.

Here then we will look at a possible answer to your woes: the ‘push pull’ workout. While there is no one workout routine that is suitable for everyone, this is a fantastic training programme for most beginners that’s hard enough to cause visible results fast, but that won’t cause you a hernia.

The Best Kinds of Programmes

First of all to appreciate the benefits of the push pull workout, and to help you identify good programmes yourself more easily in future, we will look at what makes a good training programme.

Essentially the mistake that many people make when they begin training is to look for a programme that is completely set in stone and that instructs them on every last move. Many people will hit the gym with a programme that says ‘Monday: 8 x 3 x 15kg bicep curls, 10 x 2 x 20kg lat pull downs’ etc etc. However this is the wrong way to train for many reasons.

For one it means you’re doing the exact same thing very week which quickly stops challenging your muscles as much (even when you increase the weight) and for another it means you’re queuing to use machines that aren’t available when you could be putting your time to better use.

A good programme then is instead an ‘idea’ that will act as a very rough guide. It tells you which muscles to train and how often, but it also doesn’t tell you any specific exercises, reps or days to train on. This allows you to be more flexible and to keep trying new things and to train in an intense and fast way each time. That’s precisely what the push pull workout is – it’s an ‘idea’.

What is the Push Pull Programme?

And that idea is that you are going to split your training regimes into two distinct parts – entirely pushing exercises and entirely pulling (and then you’ll likely use a third day for your legs and abs).

What a professional bodybuilder uses to train is a ‘split’ routine that trains a different body part on each day. This allows them to only target their biceps which allows them to cause far more microtears than they could if they were training them along with 8 other body parts. By doing 10 exercises all just on the biceps, you can get them to really hurt and thus grow. You then get a whole week to recover.

Sadly most beginners are not suited to this kind of training, and using it would only cause them to damage those muscles early on and have to take recovery time out. As a result many beginners instead use a full body routine, meaning they train each muscle group together – one exercise each – and they repeat this three times.

In that time though most people can not cause enough microtears in order for the muscles to have to grow (they grow as a result of being ‘repaired’ by the protein). By coupling all of the pushing and pulling exercises instead however this is a logical combination that allows you to hit each group much harder. You won’t injure yourself, but you will see much faster growth.

How You Can Work Fitness Into Your Everyday Life

exercise at workA growing body of research adds up to an inevitable conclusion: When it comes to exercise,  every little bit counts. Which is either good news or bad news for exercise haters and every person who has no time to get healthy.

For people who want to get healthier, lose weight, or improve a condition like high blood pressure, blood sugar control, or high cholesterol (and who doesn’t?) it means finding ways to add a few minutes of exercise throughout the day.

For true couch potatoes who only pay lip service to getting healthy and make excuses simply because they don’t want to admit it, the bad news is that no time for the gym has become a moot point.

Few things in life are a panacea for everything that ails you, but exercise is exactly that. Adding 30 minutes of exercise to your day will result in improved heart health, better respiratory function, deeper sleep, weight and fat loss, lower bad cholesterol, better blood sugar control, less stress, more happy and a 30% lower risk of post-menopausal breast cancer. It helps you retain your mental acuity as you age and, if you choose gentle exercises that improve flexibility, mitigate general aches and pains.

Baby Steps

I know you’re excited, but before you jump off the couch, throw in a Zumba Fitness video, and wind up in the emergency room, let’s talk about the word “moderate.” Moderate exercises include things like walking the dog, gardening, doing housework, and taking the stairs. Start slow and build up a little more each day. When you’re ready, pick up the pace of your walk, park way out in the parking lot, or put on Chubby Checker loud enough to drown out the vacuum and twist the dirt away.

In the Office

Even in you’re stuck at a desk all day, the law says you’re entitled to breaks for a reason. Take yours outside. Getting outside has the added benefits of letting you soak up a little much-needed vitamin D from the sun and relieving eye strain from artificial lighting, so when you get back inside, you’ll feel refreshed and energized. At your next break, go into the bathroom and stretch or a few minutes. While you’re sitting at your desk, fidget. That’s right, fidgeting counts.

The Hard Part

Ok, you knew it was coming. Sweat. You need to raise your heart rate for at least 10 minutes once a day to really reap the benefits. The good news is that you can multitask while getting the sweaty part done. Some great activities for sustained aerobic activity include mowing the lawn, washing the car, scrubbing floors, and washing the windows. You’ll get a workout and cross things off your to-do list at the same time.

Make it Fun

Ten minutes is a great interval for getting in some exercise in a fun way. While the rice is cooking or the burgers are on the grill, you can dance, hula hoop, or shoot hoops with your kid in the driveway. After work, go to the batting cages and take out your frustrations on a helpless ball. After dinner, walk up to the corner frozen yogurt shop for dessert (isn’t there one on every corner?). Have sex. Lots of it; sex is great or revving up your heart and breaking a sweat.

Add it all up

The real point is to raise your awareness of movement. Writers (like me) sit all day, and often are so focused that they forget to take breaks. The opportunities and the time are there no matter how tight your deadline is or how critical the project. Don’t let stress and distraction stand in the way of a happy, healthy life. You don’t even have to buy spandex. Every move you make, every breath you take (deep ones, anyway) adds up. Adding just a little more can make a big difference in your life, your happiness, your future, and your health.

Aging Myths That You Need to Break for Following the Facts

agingIt is a fact that all humans age at some point of time in life. So, it is vital for people to accept this fact as it is so that they can age with grace. Well, what does that mean? To age with grace means to rejuvenate as well as reinvent yourself by staying active physically and mentally, enjoying new things, and staying connected socially. But sadly, most of us take aging quite negatively such that they suffer from fear and anxiety.

Several questions hit the mind such as how to get rid of these aging symptoms? Will I lose my mental abilities at once? Will people accept me with this aging face? As a fact, most of these frightening questions stem from the aging myths that are often fake or exaggerated. In reality, a majority of people are more flexible as well as stronger than they think! So, why not first know these aging myths?

Myth 1: Genes Decide How You Age

It is true that genes contribute significantly to the number of years you live and health risks you will encounter but a DNA test is not the full face to watch out for the reasons of aging. Genetic influence is true but there are other influencers that affect the aging process such as environment and lifestyle (habits and diet).

For example, it is known to most of us that excessive sun exposure or overeating is a chief culprit of premature aging. This is the main reason why using anti aging products such as Lift and Glow Proand Olay Regenerists does not suffice to combat the aging symptoms. In fact, most dermatologists advice cultivating healthy lifestyle habits such as daily exercising and having nutritious diet and for retaining a younger look.

Myth 2: Sagging Facial as Well as Neck Skin Adds to that Old Look

This is also partially true! It is certain that sagging skin does add to that unpleasant look. However, more than that, experts say that it is the loss of facial fat, particularly around the cheeks as well as eyes due to which people start appearing older as soon as in the age of 30. This is one reason why cosmetic procedures targeting the aging symptoms by transfer of fats have been invented for ensuring a more young and natural look.

Myth 3: Nothing Can Be Done about Physical Decline

It is true that people began to lose bone as well as muscle mass as they age but this does not mean weakness is indispensable. In most cases, aging related symptoms and sicknesses are mostly due to a sedentary lifestyle and bad habits that unintentionally accelerate the aging process.

Therefore, it is better to start living an active lifestyle by exercising on a daily basis for maintaining the mass, balance, and strength. It is really not too late to start even in your 50s. As per a latest British study, folks becoming active in their 50s yet gain several healthy benefits.

Other lifestyle changes to be made to decelerate the physical decline are quitting smoking, practicing relaxation techniques for stress management, and having a healthy diet. With these ways, you can definitely gain a good control over the aging process although it is impossible to change it completely.

Myth 4: Memory Loss is Inevitable with Aging

Completely wrong! Although it may take more time to recall names and experiences or even tasks that were just done, major memory loss is truly not a part of aging. You can deal with the memory problems by ensuring good brain nutrition and brain training that can happen at any age.