Strip That Fat Review

Strip That Fat

Strip That Fat is a relatively new diet program that has grown popularity quickly. The lack of sustainable and healthy diet systems available online may have something to do with that, as most programs found tend to focus more on short term and quick achievements with weight loss, that sustainability.

Strip That Fat not only gives you short term suggestions for quick weight loss but also provides a plan for long term sustainable weight loss making it a healthy weight loss diet.

The diet plan consists of 3 phases:

  • Rapid Weight Loss Phase – A 14-day diet with a custom created diet menu (5 meals a day) to lose weight quickly. This can also be repeated any number of times to lose weight fast.
  • Sustained Weight Loss Phase – This is a step-by-step dieting guide (plus simple rules) for reaching your desire weight within a reasonable time without affecting your health negatively.
  • Maintenance/Lifestyle Phase – This offers practical instructions to prevent you putting on weight after getting to your goal weight and making the diet a lifestyle change, not a short term solution.

Strip That Fat also comes with a diet generator that creates meal plans in an instant and allows you to have several different combinations of foods. You choose what foods you like from a list of foods provided (there are categories too) and the program automatically creates a 14 day meal plan including a printable shopping list and outline.

There are no restrictions of the foods that can be eaten and the authors claim that you get to eat more and still lose weight by eating the right calories rather than limiting yourself to a low fat or low carbohydrate diet.

The program commences with a seven-day plan to get immediate results and it can be continued for an entire year, which will allow dieters to lose up to 50 pounds.

On top of the diet generator, the program teaches you about why popular diets don’t work and gives you some basic nutrition information.

Exercise Suggestions

With any diet program exercise is an important and crucial component. Strip That Fat gives you some guidance on what kinfs of exercises you should do to increase metabolism and thus maximum weight loss potential.


The program comes in 2 formats. You can get a gold or platinum membership.

  • The Gold Membership costs $47 – This is a one time fee and includes the Strip That Fat Ebook plus diet generator.
  • The Platinum Membership costs $57 – This is a one time free and includes a few bonuses.

Platinum Membership Bonuses

If you buy the platinum membership for an extra $10 you will also get the following:

  • Calworries Guide – This offers a 2nd foolproof diet program. It is a 15-page ebook  which will help you to prepare your own diet menu without using the online generator.  It also gives you some information about the calories you burn during exercise.
  • Calorie Counting Worksheet – This worksheet helps you to keep track of the calories you take in and the calories you burn.
  • Living Life Healthy Guide – 30 Healthy Recipes: You can actually enjoy the weight loss process with very tasty food during the diet by following step by step recipes.

We don’t really think these add-ons are necessary for losing weight, but if you feel you need to learn more about calories and you don’t think you will have the confidence by the end of the diet to prepare your own meals, then it is well worth the extra cost – which actually is only an extra $10.  The more information you absorb the better, but of course though, you can continue to use the diet generator anyway until you are confident enough.


  • 60 day money back guarante
  • esimple and easy to follow
  • good for dieters who prefer a structured plan
  • good for dieters who are busy and don’t have time to prepare meal plans
  • easy to adapt to your own taste
  • scan help dieters understand how to eat for sustainable weight loss
  • includes vegetarian options too


  • Simplistic approach that will not suit the more educated dieter
  • Lacks scientific explanation & is a little thin of nutritional education
  • Excessive claims are made about initial weight loss expectations
  • Encourages unhealthy weight loss in the initial stages
  • Bonuses are not really necessary for weight loss


Strip That Fat is a good basic guide for anyone trying to lose weight, however if you are well versed in nutrition and weight loss this guide maybe a little simplistic for you.

We consider this dieting guide to be a healthy weight loss diet because of its emphasis on slow steady weight loss and giving dieters the ability to maintain their lost weight.

If you lack the knowledge and time to make your own meal plans this is a great program for you because of its diet generator.

It is also a great option for anyone who simply has no inclination to work out what is a good diet or to learn about nutrition as it does that for you without any hassle.

It even writes your shopping lists for you to print off!  So with this, we recommend this as a healthy weight loss diet.